What is Heart disease?

Heart disease, also known as coronary heart disease, encompasses a class of illnesses; all of which involve the heart, its vessels, and more. A brief overview is provided below.


Coronary Artery Disease

Narrowed arteries that deliver limited amounts of blood.


High Blood Pressure

A condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high.


Congestive Heart Disease

A chronic condition in which the heart inefficiently pumps blood.


Peripheral Artery Disease

A circulatory condition in which narrowed blood vessels reduce blood flow to the limbs.



Improper beating of the heart, whether irregular, too fast, or too slow.


Congential Heart Disease

An abnormality in the heart that develops before birth.

How many people suffer from heart disease?

Heart disease is a chronic illness that many Americans must manage in their day to day lives. Explore the chart below to see how many people are suffering from heart disease

Percent of Adults Living with Heart Disease per State

Do people die of heart disease?

While heart disease can be managed, it is still one of the leading causes of deaths in the US. These visuals should give you a sense of the general rates of heart disease mortality in the US.

Number of Heart Disease Deaths per 100,000 Population

Heart Disease is a serious condition, causing thousands of deaths every year and affecting large proportions of the general American population. You should understand the prevelance of this disease, and realize that you too should be concerned about heart disease.

What is my risk of having heart disease?

Using our predictive model, you can receive a personalized assesment your hear disease risk. In better understanding your own risks, you can take the necessary steps to reduce your likelihood of contracting heart disease.

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